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OSAA Unsporting/Misconduct Report

Create a New Unsporting/Misconduct Report for 2024-25

In the interest of promoting good sportsmanship, the OSAA and schools have requested to be informed of misconduct and unsporting conduct during OSAA sanctioned contests. This form is intended for officials to report certain actions - that vary by sport - which are penalized by officials under NFHS rules, but do not rise to the level of an ejection. These online unsporting/misconduct reports can be filled out by an official or a commissioner. This form is not open to the public to submit complaints.

Welcome, guest. You are not logged in as a Commissioner. This form is for OSAA certified officials only.


Start a new unsporting/misconduct report by clicking the button above.

Unsporting/Misconduct Report Form Process

  1. Official fills out a preliminary online Unsporting/Misconduct Report.
  2. Commissioner is notified and reviews the form before submitting.
  3. The OSAA and the School is notified of the incident.