Dancers from the NWOC participated in their annual league showcase prior to kicking off the competitive dance team season.
Dancers from the NWOC participated in their annual league showcase prior to kicking off the competitive dance team season.

MILWAUKIE – The six dance teams from the 5A Northwest Oregon Conference gathered for their annual All-League Dance Showcase hosted by Putnam. Started in 2018, the annual showcase is an opportunity for dance teams to perform together in a setting other than a competition.

The annual Showcase resumed this year after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each team performs either a halftime routine or a routine they plan to take to an upcoming competition.

“With how our competition schedule works, it’s possible that our individual teams will never see each other at competition,” Putnam coach Amanda Wilcox said. “Our showcase provides an opportunity for us to support each other and see what everyone has been working on.”

Student-athletes have the opportunity to earn individual honors through the drill down competition and/or being named to the All-League Dance Team.

Through the drill down competition performers respond to military style commands with precision. Dancers are eliminated for executing commands incorrect or for anticipated/delayed response or for flinching.

Showcase drill down winners:


  • Kendall Atkins, Scappoose
  • Kylie Crawford, Parkrose
  • Shelby Mitchum, Scappoose
  • Chloe Potter, Putnam
  • Norah Stanton, Scappoose


  • Kloe Cook, Scappoose
  • Jax Ekstrom, Scappoose
  • Jordyn Mitchelldyer, Putnam
  • Mae Price, Putnam
  • Nyah Torbert, La Salle Prep

Dancers named to the All-League team are nominated by their school’s coaching staff based on their dance ability, school involvement, and academic achievement. All-League dancers must be a Junior or Senior and have a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

2021 NWOC All League Dance Honorees:

  • Alyssa Axness, Wilsonville
  • Lily Brown, Parkrose
  • Kaitlin Dahla, Scappoose
  • Simone Dluhy, Parkrose
  • Jax Ekstrom, Scappoose
  • Valeria Espada, Putnam
  • Haylie Gray, LaSalle 
  • Amelia Karman, Milwaukie
  • Jordyn Mitchelldyer, Putnam
  • Lacey Osborn, Milwaukie
  • Kaylie Schrotzberger, Scappoose
  • Sophia Rigelin, Putnam
  • Nyah Torbert, La Salle Prep
  • Audrey Wersch, La Salle Prep

“Two years ago, I watched my teammates step up to receive the honor of making the All-League Team. That was just the beginning of a journey full of spectacular ups and heart wrenching downs, but no matter what happened, those same teammates always had their arms open for me,” Parkrose junior Lily Brown said. “To now say I have made the All-League Team which I once thought of as a distant dream is an honor, but the greatest honor of all is knowing that my work paid off. And even more so, I’m honored to be making those former teammates and everyone else who always had my back along the way proud.”