After filling up the net overseas, soccer player Grace Barrett filled up her trophy case
After filling up the net overseas, soccer player Grace Barrett filled up her trophy case

[Editor’s note: Every Wednesday during the summer, we will ask Oregon high school athletes to answer a question pertaining to summer. The best and most interesting responses will be published. In this edition we ask about memories of summers past. We received more than 25 responses. The best 10 appear below…]

“My favorite summer memory was rafting the Grand Canyon last summer. A close family friend decided to take friends and family down the Grand Canyon after taking the same trip three years earlier. So last June I found myself at Lee’s Ferry about to embark on a 14-day rafting trip completely cut off from the outside world. The trip transformed me as a human being and even more deeply established my already strong love for the environment for which I was named: the river. Over the course of those two weeks many bonds were formed as I got the chance to row, paddle, kayak, and even, on the final day, help paddle captain on the Colorado River. I got to experience one of the most beautiful and magical places on Earth and I am forever grateful for that experience. I can’t wait to go down the Canyon again!” – Rio Giancarlo, soccer and track & field, Class of 2021, Ashland HS

“My favorite memory from a past summer was meeting my best friend in the whole entire world. In the beginning I was jealous of her because she was such a good swimmer for being so new. I overcame my jealousy and started to become friends with her. Every day we encourage each other and push each other to get better as athletes and as people. The past couple years we’ve been mentors for each other. I can’t wait to see her succeed in life because she has such a bright and beautiful future ahead of her.” – Kassandra McLennan, swimming, Class of 2023, Springfield HS

“I went to my first concert with my mom last summer. I got see Mumford and Sons, which is my favorite band. It was a whole lotta fun. I’m so very grateful that my mom got us tickets to go see them.” – Alex Macaluso, baseball, Class of 2023, Westview HS

“My favorite memory from a past summer would have to be last summer when I went overseas to play soccer and got on the top 10 scoring list for the youth World Cup. The best feeling ever was to score my first international goal.” – Grace Barrett, soccer, Class of 2021, Clackamas HS

“One of my favorite memories would be summer heading into freshman year. I went on a trip to Orlando, Florida. It was my first time out of Oregon. It was just an amazing experience. Another one would be last summer, because it was my first time having soccer practice for my school. It was a very good feeling, a feeling like I was actually doing something productive and something new I’ve always been scared to try. Adding to that just the great vibes I got from my teammates. I think I’m safe to say that I have the best teammates ever!!” – Zuri Azcorra, soccer and softball, Class of 2022, Benson Polytechnic HS

“My favorite memory from a past summer is when my friends and I would go long boarding at night through downtown to go get frozen yogurt. After we would get blankets and star gaze at the park of our choice.” – Madison Bender, soccer, swimming and track & field, Class of 2021, Springfield HS

“My favorite memory from last summer was the Washington State football camp. It was very fun and I learned a lot and I ended up using the techniques and drills they taught me. This made me a better player and gave me a better idea of what’s expected at the college level of football.” – Zechariah Schwab, football and track & field, Class of 2021, Tigard HS

“My favorite memory from last summer was when I went to Black Butte with my friends after we attended Steens, a running camp. We were all super tired and sore and so we just relaxed and had a chill weekend. We also spent some time in Bend and floated down Deschutes River.” – Emma Smith, cross country and track & field, Class of 2021, Central Catholic HS

“My favorite memory from a past summer was going to my aunt and uncle’s house for my cousin’s college graduation! We are all really close so it was really nice to see them again. We went to go see some sights and then stayed in Lake Tahoe for a week. I enjoyed it because I got to see extended family that I had not seen in years, as well as got to spend time with my cousins.” – Jaden Andrews, golf, Class of 2023, Clackamas HS

“Swimming with my horse.” – Gabby Bale, soccer, basketball and lacrosse, Class of 2023, Ridgeview HS