South Medford's Michael Maiorano improved his time by 15 seconds from last year at The Ultimook. (Photo by Andrew Millbrooke)
South Medford's Michael Maiorano improved his time by 15 seconds from last year at The Ultimook. (Photo by Andrew Millbrooke)

The Ultimook Race at Hydrangea Ranch near Tillamook on Saturday -- one of the state's most popular cross country meets -- attracted 73 schools from Oregon and Washington.

Fabulous weather at the coast produced some fast individual times on the tough course, which features a giant mud pit and river crossing. Philomath swept the boys and girls team titles for 1A-4A schools. Lakeridge swept the boys and girls team titles for 5A-6A schools.

Lake Oswego junior Kate Peters was completely unfazed by the mud pit and ran to a course record time in the 5A-6A girls race in a blistering 17:48.68. Crescent Valley freshman Emily Wisniewski also was very impressive in second place at 18:29.44, almost a full minute clear of third place Ana Peters (19:23.91), a freshman at Lake Oswego.

South Medford senior Michael Maiorano gapped the 5A-6A boys field coming out of the mud pit and ran away to victory in 16:05.01, 15 seconds faster than he ran in the 2019 race. The Dalles junior Juan Diego Contreras came flying home in second place at 16:14.07.

Senior Alauna Carstens of Shelton (Wash.) won the 1A-4A girls race in 19:48.01. Newport senior Aliya Larsen (20:51.66) was the first Oregon girl across the line in fourth place followed by Philomath freshman Adele Beckstead, fifth in 21:05.82.

In the closest finish of the day, Philomath junior Brody Bushnell nipped Heppner junior Trevor Nichols at the line (16:43.26 to 16:43.46) to win the 1A-4A boys, leading the Warriors to the team title.  

A look at meets last week:

Metro League, at Beaverton, Wednesday

Boys: Southridge sophomore Collin Penuel won in 17:21.44, holding off Aloha seniors Spencer Desmond (17:31.71) and Henry Law (17:51.91).

Team Scores: Westview 38, Aloha 55, Southridge 52, Beaverton 74.

Girls: Southridge junior Erin Consgrove won convincingly in 20:07.91, while Westview senior Peyton Childers was second in 20:51.87.

Team Scores: Westview 29, Southridge 46, Aloha 51.

Darrel Deedon Cascade Invitational at Turner, Thursday

Girls - Sunset freshman Kailua Balazs got the individual win over Mountainside senior Zoe Heino (19:50.94 to 19:56.41), butl Mavericks used superior depth to edge Sunset for the team title, 35-44. Mountainside’s scoring runners were seniors Elizabeth Satterle (fifth in 20:38.55) and Stephanie Tedd (seventh in 20:56.42) and sophomores Livia Coviltir (10th in 21:20.24) and Allison Hoffman (11th in 21:20.79) 

Team Scores: Mountainside 35, Sunset 44, Crater 81, Valley Catholic 131, North Eugene 133, Vernonia 144, Harrisburg 162. 

Boys - Crater junior Tyrone Gorze outran Sunset senior Benjamin Balazs for the win (15:45.54 to 15:53.30) and the Comets had four runners in the top six to claim the team victory, 37-48. Crater’s scoring runners were reshman Josiah Tostenson (third in 16:12.80), sophomore Jeffery Hellman (fourth in 16:32.51) freshman Shaun Garnica (sixth in 17:14.99) and junior Ryder Hvall (27th in 18:51.71). 

Team Scores: Crater 37, Sunset 48, Mountainside 72, Valley Catholic 76, North Eugene 157, Vernonia 160, Country Christian 177, Harrisburg 208.

The Ultimook Race at Tillamook, Saturday

Top-3 Teams in each Division

1A-4A Girls: Philomath 45, Washougal 100, Shelton (Wash.) 114

1A-4A Boys: Philomath 69, Shelton (Wash.) 107, Astoria 148 

5A-6A Girls: Lakeridge 59, Cleveland 94, Peninsula (Wash.) 95 

5A-6A Boys: Lakeridge 78, South Medford 90, Cleveland 121 

Division winners

Middle School Girls 3K - Brooke Bush, Tillamook, 12:36.32

Middle School Boys 3K - Cohen Butler, Thomas Jefferson, 11:24.67

JV Girls (1A-4A) - freshman Kateri Pindell, Philomath, 22:51.26

JV Boys (1A-4A) - freshman Eli Belnap, Vale, 20:00.70

Varsity Girls (1A-4A) - senior Alauna Carstens, Shelton (Wash.), 19:48.01

Varsity Boys (1A-4A) - junior Brody Bushnell, Philomath, 16:43.26

JV Girls (5A-6A) - freshman Polly Olliff, Dallas, 22:49.81

JV Boys (5A-6A) - senior Briggs Butler, Lakeridge, 19:07.06

Varsity Girls (5A-6A) - junior Kate Peters, Lake Oswego, 17:48.68.

Varsity Boys (5A-6A) - senior Michael Maiorano, South Medford, 16:05.01

Richardson Park Invite at Eugene, Saturday

Girls - South Eugene freshman Ansley Johnston got another individual win in 19:28.77, outrunning Grants Pass senior Madison Wilt, 19:33.18, to lead the Axe to the team victory. South Eugene seniors Hannah Seubert (19:39.07) and Anna Tavakolian (19:41.56) finished third and fourth.

Team Scores: South Eugene 25, Sheldon 74, Grants Pass 81, Marist 111, Klamath Union 128, Phoenix 138, Cottage Grove 171, Junction City 190.

Boys - Sheldon junior Jonah Donde won a close race over South Eugene senior Asher McKinnon, 15:54.81 To 15:55.46, leading the Irish to the team title. Sheldon had all five scoring runners place in the top eight; Junior Evan Poulsen (fourth in 16:36.36), sophomore Adam Reeder (fifth in 16:50.56), senior Ben Collins (sixth in 16:51.28) and senior Zade Prevedello (eighth in 16:57.69). 

Team Scores: Sheldon 24, South Eugene 42, Grants Pass 84, Cottage Grove 115, Marist 131, Phoenix 174, Klamath Union 178, Junction City 218.