Kalista Daharsh (center) poses with other members of the 2022 DDCA All-State Team.
Kalista Daharsh (center) poses with other members of the 2022 DDCA All-State Team.

Local competitions wrapped up with events hosted by Centennial, David Douglas and Thurston last weekend.

Lincoln, Sherwood, Cleveland, Pendleton, Canby, Lake Oswego, Scappoose, Valley Catholic, West Albany, Philomath, and Sprague all ended the local competition season with a win.

Dance teams are in the final days of their 2021-22 season and preparing for the OSAA State Dance Championships on March 18 and 19 at Oregon City. 

Centennial competition:

Lincoln earned first place (15.94) in the 6A Small division for its performance of “Simple.” Barlow finished second (15.50) and Sunset (14.94) was third. Competing for the first time this season, Lakeridge finished in fourth (14.83). Nelson (14.67) rounded out the Top 5. Centennial (14.39), Reynolds (11.56) and Sandy (9.94) also competed.

In the 6A Large division, Sherwood earned first place (17.50) with its performance of “Fallin’.” Tigard was second (16.67) followed closely by Tualatin (16.61). Gresham finished fourth (16.00).

Lebanon earned another first place finish (15.28) in the 5A division. West Albany was second (14.94) followed closely by Silverton (14.61) in third place. South Albany (13.56) and Thurston rounded out the division (12.28).

Cleveland earned first place in the Show Division (14.17). West Linn finished second (13.56).

Pendleton grabbed the top spot in the 5A division (16.17). Silverton finished second (15.94) with its performance of “Invincible.” LaSalle (14.17) and Parkrose (14.06) earned third and fourth respectively. Milwaukie finished fifth (12.72). 

David Douglas competition:

Canby finished first (18.50) in the Show division for its performance of “Listen.” Clackamas finished second (17.28) and Grant (16.00) was third. David Douglas (15.39) and Forest Grove (14.94) also competed.

In the 6A division, Lake Oswego debuted its routine “How Will I Know” and captured first place (17.39). Mountainside was second (16.39). Oregon City (15.22) and Century (12.28) finished third and fourth, respectively.

Scappoose was the only team to compete in the 5A division. The Vision Dancers earned a 15.56 for their performance of “Finally!”

Valley Catholic grabbed the top spot in the 4A division (17.61). Astoria finished second (15.58). Banks (15.44) and Estacada (12.06) were third and fourth respectively.

Thurston competition:

West Albany topped the 5A division (16.61). Lebanon finished second (15.50). North Eugene (14.67) and Thurston (14.17) were third and fourth respectively. Corvallis (12.39) and Willamette (9.94) also competed.

Sprague captured another first place finish (16.67) in the Show division. Rex Putnam was second (13.89) followed closely by Sheldon (13.86).

Philomath earned the top spot in the 4A division (13.78). Marshfield finished second (13.06) followed by Woodburn (10.56).

All State Dance Team:

In February, senior dancers from around the State auditioned for the 2022 Dance Drill Coaches Association (DDCA) All State Team. Unlike other All-State Teams, only dancers in their senior year of high school are eligible to audition.

All candidates learned a routine via video and submitted their audition via video. Each candidate was judged by a panel of three judges.

Notable accomplishments include: Nelson naming its first dancer to the 6A team; Sherwood and Tualatin naming three dancers each to the 6A team; and West Albany, South Albany, and Sam Barlow, each earning two spots on their classification’s team.

Being named to the All-State Dance Team is one of the highest individual honors a senior team member can achieve.

“The Thurston Competition is going to be a memory that I’ll always remember. Hearing my name being said after announcing all state has been something I’ve wanted since freshman year. I was crying tears of joy knowing that my hard work and dedication has paid off. I couldn’t have done it without the support from my coaches and my team," shared Thurston senior, Kalista Daharsh on being named to the All-State Team. 

2022 DDCA All-State Dance Team

Representing 4A-1A High Schools:

  • Jocelyn Christison, Stayton
  • Olivia Gustafson, Gladstone
  • Ella Kelley, Philomath
  • Sam Lockamy, Banks


Representing 5A High Schools:

  • Erika Butzner, South Albany
  • Grace Catlin, West Albany
  • Kalista Daharsh, Thurston
  • Jax Ekstrom, Scappoose
  • Valeria Espadas, Rex Putnam
  • Lauryn Harsen, South Albany
  • Cami Meyer, West Albany
  • Syian Phillips, Lebanon

Representing 6A High Schools:

  • Rachel Arant, Tualatin
  • Jacqui Bouchard, Nelson
  • Makenna Bilodeaux, Gresham
  • Makena Carvell, Clackamas
  • Abigail Chaffee, Canby
  • Hailey Cheon, Sunset
  • Alina Estrada, Sam Barlow
  • Kailey Furino, Sherwood
  • Ava Heyer, Lake Oswego
  • Malia Holland, Tualatin
  • Fiona Joneschild, Forest Grove
  • Alison Kang, Mountainside
  • Carla Khoury, West Linn
  • Reiley Lesyk, Sherwood
  • Olivia Opton, Sprague
  • Anna Schott, Tualatin
  • Marley Seet, Sam Barlow
  • Jade Stowell, Clackamas
  • Jamie Toda, Tigard
  • Caitlyn Uchida, Westview
  • Madison Urban, Sherwood
  • Jackie Zhang, Sunset

This year’s All State routine was choreographed by Lisa Zaragoza.