Silverton finished first in 5A Tradiational at the Sprague competition Saturday.
Silverton finished first in 5A Tradiational at the Sprague competition Saturday.

Dance teams gathered again on Saturday at Sprague and Pendleton for more rounds of competition.

Both competitions were large events, with Pendleton hosting a handful of high school teams as well as many middle school and club teams. Sprague had the larger high school line-up, with about 50 performances throughout the day. 

High school teams in attendance at Pendleton were Milwaukee, Grant Union, Hermiston, Lincoln, and the host team Pendleton. Sprague was a packed competition with teams from Amity, Astoria, Bend, Century, Forest Grove, Lake Oswego, Lebanon, Marshfield, Newberg, Oregon City, Philomath, Sherwood, Silverton, South Albany, Thurston, Tigard, West Albany, West Linn, Westview, Wilsonville, and the host team Sprague.  Over two dozen teams sharing their work again this weekend with spectacular accomplishments.

In attendance at Pendleton, was Hermiston, who most often participates in the Washington dance team circuit. It was a nice change to see them at an Oregon event. Placing first in all the categories they entered, Hermiston shared excellent work in the Hip Hop, Show, and Traditional categories, with their Traditional routine receiving an 86.28, the highest score at that event. Rounding out the winning high school performances, was Lincoln with their Pom and Pendleton with their outstanding Jazz. 

At Sprague, Lake Oswego and Sherwood were back in town after their successful Nationals experience, and they didn’t miss a beat with their great performances. Sherwood received first in Hip Hop (6A) and Traditional (6A), two of the three categories they entered.  Lake Oswego took home first in Jazz (6A) and Pom (6A), the two categories they entered. Lake Oswego’s Pom received the highest score of the weekend with a sensational 87.89.  

Lebanon also had a great day at Sprague, landing in the top placement with two routines, Pom and Jazz 1A/2A/3A/4A/5A divisions. Rounding out the other categories at Sprague were first place performances by Marshfield, Silverton, Astoria, West Albany, Forest Grove, and West Linn.

The results of the weekend are as follows, and if classification is not listed, then the category was combined into one division.


  • Hip Hop: Hermiston (80.22), Milwaukie (77.06)
  • Jazz: Pendleton (81.33), Grant Union (60.11)
  • Pom: Lincoln (77.89), Milwaukie (77.00)
  • Show: Hermiston (76.89)
  • Traditional: Hermiston (86.28), Pendleton (82.06)


  • Hip Hop (1A/2A/3A/4A): Astoria (77.44), Philomath (73.50)
  • Hip Hop (5A): West Albany (76.78), South Albany (74.72)
  • Hip Hop (6A): Sherwood (82.56), Westview (76.06)
  • Jazz (1A/2A/3A/4A/5A): Lebanon (83.89), South Albany (78.56)
  • Jazz (6A): Lake Oswego (86.33), Tigard (79.83)
  • Pom (1A/2A/3A/4A/5A): Lebanon (81.89), Marshfield (70.50)
  • Pom (6A): Lake Oswego (87.89), Sherwood (84.33)
  • Show: West Linn (78.00), Sprague (74.44)
  • Traditional (1A/2A/3A/4A): Marshfield (80.50), Astoria (79.67)
  • Traditional (5A): Silverton (76.22), West Albany (73.06)
  • Traditional (6A): Sherwood (85.61), Tigard (81.61)


Aside from a weekend of robust competition and excellent displays of student athleticism and artistry, was a bit of recognition for outstanding coaching. This week several coaches and assistant coaches were recognized and nominated to become either a DDCA Coach of the Year or DDCA Assistant Coach of the Year in each division. The Dance and Drill Coaches Association members nominate coaches that have demonstrated outstanding coaching characteristics during the previous year. Final Coach of the Year recipients will be announced later this year. 

Nominated to become Coach of the Year: 

  • 6A: April Anderson, Sam Barlow; Trisha Herndon, Sherwood
  • 5A: Jennifer Chaffee, Canby; McKenzie Clemmons, Thurston; Megan Lofton, Lebanon
  • 1A/2A/3A/4A: Stefanie Larson, Philomath; Pam Didier-Delwisch, Scappoose

Nominated to become Assistant Coach of the Year:

  • 6A: Amanda Knutsen, Sunset; Brandy Guthery, Clackamas
  • 5A: Wesley Wachob, Parkrose; Mackenzie Johnson, Rex Putnam
  • 1A/2A/3A/4A: Afina Arstill, Scappoose; Ally Britton, Scappoose; Danielle Upton, Valley Catholic

Congratulations to all the coaches who were nominated this year, and thank you to all the coaches who work so hard every week to help their teams thrive.

One more weekend of opportunities to qualify routines and to get the wiggles out before the OSAA State Championships. On March 2, Forest Grove, Centennial, and Thurston will host teams for competition.